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science of mind magazine publication design

(the project)

science of mind magazine offers a spiritual perspective on world events as well as tools for spiritual practice, all based on the life-affirming science of mind philosophy. science of mind magazine has been in continuous publication since 1927. with provocative features and interviews, daily guides, and monthly columns, every issue of science of mind presents a wealth of diverse spiritual resources—an uplifting, comprehensive guide to spiritual living.

in need of a local designer, we were thrilled to offer our services and continue to do so. as a monthly publication, we are tasked with creation. in using the existing format of the magazine, we layout 112 pages of content ranging from affirmations, feature articles, columnists, daily guides, media reviews and advertisements in addition to interacting with the printer to make sure all pages are to specification. with an audience of over 100,000, we understand the need to create a polished finished product that connects with the viewer.


science of mind publication design

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